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Girls Water Polo La Canada Tops South Pasadena 5 2

After a low scoring first half, the Spartans bounced back strong in the second half en route to a 5-2 win over the Tigers in a game of Rio Hondo League.. After frying the brain all week because of final exams, Canada and South Pasadena Water Polo girls teams met Thursday in a highly anticipated match with league title implications on the line.
8.5.09 08:26


Quot Fashion Show Quot Gets Ready For Runway

Enter The Fashion Show. L last year, while NBC and the life was committed to take the other to court over Project Runway (The Weinstein Company has to show for Bravo to Disney / Hearst Corporations Lifetime network, NBC quoted saying that he had the first right of refusal to match any deal, the process is in progress), Bravo has made the most prudent thing I could think of: GreenLight a knock-off fashion design reality TV show, hoping to keep the public and struck a runway. But there are some interesting differences. That sounds like a good deal Project Runway.
8.5.09 08:26

Keira Knightley I Love A Curry Washed Down With Beer

My grandmother and my great grandmother suffered from it, so I do not believe that nothing to take lightly. It was in my family. Keira Knightley like nothing more than to sit on the sofa with a curry and some Booze. But despite his loving food, the actress, 23, has been dogged by reports that eating disorders. [My favorite is to have] an Indian takeaway on the sofa - chicken tikka jalfrezi and dhingri Mutter - washed down with a bottle of beer Cobra, says. I I had a lot of experience with anorexia, told the Red.
8.5.09 08:26

Nascar Nationwide And Truck Series Lookahead

OK, now were going to watch next season at the national level and for NASCARs trucks Camping World Series Even though I said earlier this post would also include the NHRA, due to the length address Ill drag racing next week. Remember, the management reserves the right to change his mind..
8.5.09 08:26

Brangelina Trying For Baby No 7

Angie is doing everything possible to get pregnant, a source told OK! Magazine. The Changeling actress and Pitt are making plans for child number seven, according to reports. For Angelina Jolie and partners Brad Pitt, you re apparently not enough. According to the magazine, Jolie doctors warned not to conceive for at least one year after having her twins, Knox And Vivienne, last year, reports the New York Daily News. Although children July 12 birthday is still months away, Jolie is keen to add to the clan Brangelina. Source Shes Taking Prenatal Vitamins Has Dramatically Cut Down On Her Junk-food Consumption And Is Seeing Her Obstetrician Regularly Whenever Shes Back In L Athe added. His goal is to be pregnant when Knox and Viv have their first year of life, reveals the source.
8.5.09 08:26


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